Lawrence County boasts many means of transportation. In addition to highway travel, the county also offers transportation by rail and air.

Two railways, Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe, intersect in Hoxie. Walnut Ridge is also an Amtrak stop on the Texas Eagle route, which runs from Chicago to San Antonio.

Located in the Walnut Ridge Industrial Park, the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport has a beautiful terminal building, as well as two 5,000-foot runways and one 6,000-foot runway. The airport also provides fuel and storage services, as well as having a restaurant on-site that features a retired 737 that has been converted into a dining room.

U.S. Highways 67, 63 and 412 are major travel corridors that cross within the county. All three have been upgraded and more improvements are scheduled.

Work is ongoing to transform U.S. 67 into an interstate highway that will connect Little Rock, AR, to Missouri by traveling through Lawrence County.

The Arkansas Highway Department has completed work on Highway 63 between Walnut Ridge and Jonesboro to connect Lawrence County with the future I-555, which will run from Jonesboro to Memphis, TN. The 23 miles between Walnut Ridge and Jonesboro are all four- or five-lane highway.

Highway upgrades have made the trip to Jonesboro, one of the fastest growing cities in the Mid-South, even easier. The proximity makes Lawrence County a great location for a satellite business or distribution facility, as well as an alternative for those who do not wish to live in the city.

Distance from other regional metro areas is as follows:

Memphis, TN 92 miles
Little Rock, AR 125 miles
St. Louis 220 miles
Oklahoma City, OK 433 miles
Dallas, TX 442 miles

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