reNEW East Arkansas Steering Committee

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Lawrence County is a participant in the East Arkansas Regional Planning Partnership to develop a Regional Sustainability Plan for Eastern Arkansas. This planning effort is called reNEW East Arkansas.

renew-logoThis plan has a three-to-five year implementation period and the scope is focused on the smaller communities of Lawrence County.

Several from Lawrence County met with representatives from reNEW East Arkansas in February 2012 to help with forming a strategic plan for Lawrence County. The strategic plan is part of a three year process to develop local and regional plans built upon the existing assets of the county.

From this planning the Lawrence County Steering Committee was formed. The committee meets often to plan the implementation of the strategic plan. The Strategic Plan is listed below –

Community and Economic Development Strategies

  • Attracting Funding
  • Bedroom Community Development
  • Cultural tourism
  • Downtown Development
  • Infrastructure Development

Quality-of-Life Initiatives

  • Emergency Services
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Recycling

Those currently serving on the Steering Committee are –

  • Co-Chairs – Bonnie Ragsdale and Kathy Bradley
  • Judge Dale Freeman
  • Melba Verke
  • Tina Stowers
  • Vesta Smith
  • Brett Cooper
  • Charles Snapp
  • Jackie Snapp
  • Fran Cavenaugh
  • Dina Rose


Link to Latest Draft of Plan »

Strategic Plan Snapshot »

Others are needed as we implement the strategic plan. Anyone who is interested and wants to be involved in a regional plan that will benefit all towns/cities in Lawrence County is invited to attend. Join us as we work together for the betterment of Lawrence County.