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Lake Charles State Park Contact: Meghan Moore
Phone: 870-878-6595 Fax: 870-878-6348
Categories: Recreation
Law. County Chiropractic Clinic Contact: Dr. Robert Shackleford
Phone: 870-886-2603
Categories: Chiropractor
Law. County Cooperative School Contact: Lisa Davis Williams
Phone: 870-886-7083 Fax: 870-886-2611
Categories: Education
Lawrence County County Judge Contact: John Thomison
Phone: 870-886-1110 Fax: 870-886-1125
Categories: County / City, Government
Lawrence County Family Clinic Contact: Karen Patterson
Phone: 870-886-3543 Fax: 870-886-3252
Categories: Healthcare, Medical Clinic
Lawrence County Farm Bureau
Phone: 870-886-7721 Fax: 870-886-9252
Categories: Insurance
Lawrence County Public Housing Agency Contact: Debi Hart
Phone: 870-886-7816 Fax: 870-886-5228
Categories: Housing Agency
Lawrence County School District Contact: Supt. Terry Belcher
Phone: 870-886-6634 Fax: 870-886-6635
Categories: Education
Lawrence County Seed Company Contact: Caleb Wall
Phone: 870-886-3362 Fax: 870-886-6450
Categories: Agriculture
Lawrence Hall Nursing Center
Phone: 870-886-1295 Fax: 870-886-6099
Categories: Nursing Home Facilities
Lawrence Health Services Contact: Junior Briner
Phone: 870-886-1200 Fax: 870-886-5340
Categories: Healthcare, Hospital
Legacy Hospice of North Arkansas Contact: Carrie White
Phone: 870-886-5800 Fax: 870-886-5801
Categories: Hospice