Walnut Ridge Grill District

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Walnut Ridge is a historic downtown embracing its proud musical heritage. Its one-of-a-kind tourist attractions, fine eating establishments and interesting shops make it a great stop for an hour or an afternoon

Beatles Park

Beatles ParkBeatles Park features a massive sculpture in the likeness of the Abbey Road album cover. Make sure you take time to find the lyrics and song titles hidden in the hand-etched background!

The Beatles tribute recalls the 1964 visit to Walnut Ridge Airport by the famous rockers, and the park features photos and history from that day.

The Guitar Walk

Guitar WalkGuitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park is a 115′ long walkway in the shape of an electric guitar, detailed right down to the metal strings. The walk features informative tributes to rockabilly legends like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and six others who performed in and around Walnut Ridge during the early days of rock ‘n roll.

The Guitar walk includes an audio tour narrated by Sun Studios recording artist Sonny Burgess. The audio tour also includes snippets of music by each of the artists featured along the walk.

The Argenta Collection

Think back to a time before digital photography and camera phones. A time when big news events were captured by reporters, using film cameras with flash bulbs. A time when those same reporters developed their photographs in a film lab to determine which photo was best suited for a particular story, and the other photos were stored in the archives of a news outlet for use at a later time.

That was a time when a young group of musicians from Liverpool were definitely “Big News”. The Argenta Collection provides an exhibit of archival Beatles photography, including many never-before-seen images.

Retro Images, in conjunction with the Argenta Arts Foundation of North Little Rock, established the exhibition honoring these musical and cultural icons. The Argenta Arts Foundation donated the collection to Downtown Walnut Ridge, Inc. The exhibit was renamed the Argenta Collection in the foundation’s honor, and it is now available for the public to enjoy.

Wings of Honor WWII Museum

The outbreak of World War II brought big changes all across the United States. Nowhere was that more apparent than a swath of northeast Arkansas farmland that was transformed into the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School. Located at the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport, the museum preserves the history of the flying school and the entire war effort.

A large and impressive collection of weapons, uniforms, vehicles, posters, and other war artifacts are set in fascinating displays, along with a detailed history of WWII.