Get Involved

We Invite You to Get Involved with the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and Local Community.

Attend Upcoming Events

Whether you thrive at large networking events, feel more comfortable in smaller groups, like to shine early in the morning or prefer after hours events, the Lawrence County Chamber has a wide variety of meetings and events to match your networking style and business needs.

Join a Committee

Our committees are a great opportunity to help the growth of the chamber while developing stronger relationships with our members. We offer multiple committees dedicated to planning specific events and also managing communications between different chamber activities and responsibilities.

Promote Your Business

Get your business noticed with an email blast or sponsorship! Chamber email blasts helps promote member businesses to a targeted business audience. Sponsorships allow members to have a more prominent presence at chamber events, to better reach our members and attendees.

Think Buy Chamber First

Whenever you need a product or service Think Buy Chamber First! Take a moment to visit the our Online Membership Directory, and give a fellow member the opportunity to do business with you. Let them know you are a Chamber member and they may offer you a special discount or benefit. 

Get in the Know

Share your expertise with other Chamber members by writing a news article. You’ll also learn firsthand about what’s happening in our community such as new business development, legislative updates and other government issues that impact local businesses and communities.

You're Invited to Become a Member of the Lawrence County Chamber

BECAUSE – You are a a citizen doing business in this county and sharing in its prosperity. The obligations of business citizenship challenge every person and institution to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community of which they are a part.
BECAUSE – You prosper as our county prospers. By helping to build a thriving community your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. You have a personal interest in these objectives.
BECAUSE – Progress and prosperity depend on the development of a sound economic and social structure. These result from vigilant aggressiveness and a continuing program of activities designed to cultivate opportunities and capitalize advantages.
BECAUSE – The support of all business and professional men and women is necessary to bring about the economic improvement of our county and the civic and business development demanded by our modern standards of living.
BECAUSE – These goals can be reached only by united effort through an organization equipped to study and conduct a sound program of community progress.
BECAUSE – The Chamber of Commerce is the only organization consistently and exclusively engaged promoting the civic and economic development of YOUR community in Lawrence County. The Chamber is the only organization whose sole business is the business of business.