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The chamber would like to take a moment to share with you the mission of the Agriculture Scholarship Program, “Growing Scholars”.

agri-donateThe Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce has organized an agriculture committee to serve the needs of Lawrence County and help secure the county’s agricultural future. One of the ways the chamber plans to do this is through an Agriculture Scholarship Program, “Growing Scholars”. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the future of agriculture in Lawrence County and strengthen our agricultural industry by investing in the education of our youth.

Our goal is to provide a $1000.00 agriculture scholarship to each school district in Lawrence County. Out of each district, a graduating senior that is pursuing a field of study in, or related to agriculture will have the opportunity to submit an application and apply for the scholarship. The Agriculture Committee will choose the recipient based on the applications submitted. The award will be paid directly to the institution of the recipient’s choice to go toward tuition. The Chamber understands that the youth we educate today will be our leaders of tomorrow. By investing in our youth who are pursuing agriculture as a field of study, we are also securing the future of agriculture for our county.

The chamber would like to encourage ALL, to join in the effort with the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, by becoming a sponsor of the Agriculture Scholarship Program “GROWING SCHOLARS”. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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